Wingback Chairs - Öronlappsfåtöljen i mitt hjärta.

Wingback chairs have the unfortunate reputation of being old and stuffy. The chair was first introduced in the 1700s. It was designed to keep away drafts and keep you warm and comfortable. Still the perfect chair for reading and offers great support in case you dose off... ;-)

I still remember the green wingback chair we had in my childhood home, and I absolutely loved to cuddle up in.It was handed down to me as I moved to my first apartement. And I dragged it along each time I moved house, but had to give it up some years ago. Now I am thinking of getting a replacement. This next one, from Swedish Norrgavel, is currently topping my wish list:

Wingchairs are designed to be super comfy. Here some old and new examples. Maybe something for your home, too? Which style is your preference?

The red chair below: Naoto Fukasawa design

Above: design David Keep
Below: Suzani

Above: design Arne Jacobsen
Below: Tom Dixon

Above: Retro wingback chairs. Black chair right: Terence Conran

Design: Forrest Myers