Färgklanger: sommar i turkos, gult och lila

When I started to blog, I wanted to write about things that inspire me (like every other blogger, I know ;-). I also wanted to write about trends and other things that could be useful in class (yes, I give interior design courses) and things that would inspire my clients. Adding this new feature Creative Color Combinations is along that line: I want to show off some great, fun or daring color combinations. This is much needed in a country where we don't dare to use other colors than black and white when we decorate our homes. Well, maybe not true: at Christmas we redecorate our homes in red, red, red. And for Easter, every home turns yellow. Kind of.... Now, for a change - check out these colors. Fellow country men - do you dare? 

Första inlägget i min nya serie Färgkombinationer: en somrig kombination av turkos, gult och lila. Vågar du pröva en liknande färgkombination? I sovrummet?  
I am not sure where this pic comes from. If you know the source, please let me know. Thanks. 
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TRANSLATION (well, sort of...)