Summing up 2011 Greatest Trends: Crates and Pallets

Let me continue my attempt to sum up some of the major trends from 2011 that may continue into 2012. Here are my previous posts on last years hits: PolygonsTriangels&Pyramids, fun Washi tape, beautiful cable Knittingcreative Wood Storage and on the color combination Yellow & Black
Today my focus is on crates and pallets. No wonder they've been so popular - it's a great free or real cheap resource and perfect if you're setting up your first home or want to give your old style a trendy Industrial Chic touch. 
Förra året blev det oerhört populärt att skapa nytt hemma med hjälp av backar och lastpallar. Vad gillar du denna trend? Har du gjort något till ditt hem? 

Want even more inspiration? I have previously written about pallets and crates here and here and here and here and here. This time I found the images via Pinterest
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