DIY: Dip Dye yourself, your home, your art

When I saw these pictures of Jim Hodges' latest art project, 
I just "died and went to heaven".... or something. These images are from
his recent exhibition at the Gladstone Gallery in NYC

I seem to be in a phase where I can't get enough of things that aren't quite 
what they seem to be. Like here, where big chunks of natural, matte granite stones 
are partly covered with stainless steel and shiny lacquer. 
Just beautiful! Is it nature or is it man-made? 

Whatever - I'd love to have one! Have just the perfect place for it in my front garden...
Am I the only one who thinks of the Dip Dye trend when I see them?

Last year's big trend - Dip Dye - is still very hot.
Have you Dip Dyed anything yet? Your hair? Your stockings? 
Then perhaps you are ready for some new projects for your home. 
Here are some inspiration. How about dip dying things for your table?

.... or your labels and stationary?

... or some serious dipping of your furniture. Dip just the top part? Or the legs? 
Or a bit of both, always remembering to leave a part untouched, 
to get the right effect.

I prefer my baskets natural colored, but more often than not, you get a stain at the bottom
from something leaking, that shouldn't.... 
Then a quick dip dye will make the basket good as new!   

The same goes for textile. Got a stain or other discoloration? Try dip dying it. 
Or - like on the tablecloth below, paint the folds and see how the different colors 
are soaked into the fabric, leaving thin or wide lines, 
turning the cloth into a Mondrian inspired artwork!  

Finally - dip dyed flowerpots, when you want to add even more color to your flower arrangements. 

The images in my collages are from top left by/from: 

4. unknown
7. unknown
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