Clever styling vs. overexposed clutter

When I saw these recent images from Agent Bauer by Petra Bindel, 
they made me think of how most commercial styling is locked in a time capsule. 
And why not? If you are selling a product, you want it to be seen in an
environment that is now. Very now. Only now. 

I like the "living room" arrangement above a lot, 
since I'm a sucker for classic still life arrangements, and it checks most boxes. 
And the arrangement below is OK. Especially the placing of the pink details. 
But it's too cluttered, and I'm not sure the image is selling 
the bottles (in the center of the pic.) 
Or the lamps? Or perhaps the chairs?
Or all of the above??  

I love origami, and that's what I look at in this picture, though I guess the lamp is on sale?

Excellent styling in the pics above and below. 
In these pics there is no doubt: the chairs are for sale. 

But I'm turned off by the geometric details and the raw wooden surfaces below, 
simply because I've seen them everywhere by now.
Been there, done that, in other words. 
What do you think?

My favorite styling is shown in the pic below. 
Clever, timeless, unpretentious. 

I even love the (otherwise overexposed) washi tape! 
Just one strip, and placed at a perfect angle to the paper and the lamp to do its trick. 
Love, love, love.  

CREATIVE LIVING Lisbeth Williams @ Williams Design