Decorate your Walls - Möblera med bilder

A great way to personalize a space is to decorate it with images of all sorts: family pictures, posters, images you've torn out of magazine, flea market finds and artwork you've bought, inherited or made yourself. In stead of spreading my pictures evenly on my walls I prefer to group them. Depending on size, or color, or motive, I select which ones goes well together and then find a wall where I can group them and make them a focal point in the room. The tricky part may be to frame and hang really small images. Like Charlotte Cory's artwork below: 
Suddenly I find pictures by the brit artist Charlotte Cory everywhere. Maybe because one of her pictures are currently on display in the London Subway? Charlotte Cory recycles Victorian photographs and mix them with her own images to create a world that is both familiar and strange - an alternative universe in which the animals are in charge! You may find Charlotte Cory's artwork at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London and at the gallery's stands at artfairs worldwide.  

If you have a small image, like Cory's, why not frame it like the pic below (via designstores) A great way to give a small image some space among larger and more colorful artwork on your wall. 

The larger the artwork, the more harmonious the result. Especially when your art and furniture etc. supplement each other, like in the pictures below.  

Picture above via beeofdesign

If you have smaller images, the trick is to arrange them in such a way that they support each other, and form a large interesting focal point in the room Like these. Picture above via beeofdesign

Image above via creamylife

Image above via ashley curry photography
All other images without source was found via Pinterest

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